Bogac Spółka Jawna Nieruchomości Kraków
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BOGAC - Bobrowski Gacek General Partnership is a company with an established position in the real estate market in Krakow - working on it for over 15 years, enjoying a good reputation and the trust of our customers. The main area of business is the rental of office and commercial premises. The company is also involved in enrichment administration leased space.

The company's premises are located in the center of Krakow (district of Old Town), renovated, with an ideal infrastructure. The Company is engaged in the enrichment bezprowizyjnym rental and comprehensive management. So far, among the company's customer base includes such companies as Texaco, DIGITAL, PIONER, LANDMARK, AVON, NORTEL, COMPAQ, Jouve, FITNESS MILL, NATURE, Kefirek and others.

One of the branches of the company is also searching buildings and land for investment. The company also has extensive experience in interior renovation and adaptation. We invite you to cooperation.